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VFG .177 Cleaning Pellets Felts Air Rifle / Pistol

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VFG .177 Cleaning Pellets

The VFG 177 cleaning pellets is an excellent quick way to keep your air gun or air rifle in top condition with these high density felt pellets. Simply pop into your gun barrel with a standard pellet and then fire. The air pressure causes the felt to expand and the tangled fibre construction absorbs moisture, residue and dirt both large and small giving a completely clean barrel.

VFG .177 Cleaning Pellets Features

  • Genuine VFG product
  • Made in Germany
  • High density felt
  • Absorbs moisture and residue
  • Traps dirt and debris
  • Contain no chemicals and is fully biodegradeable
  • Available .177 calibre sizes

To use the cleaning pellets simply shoot through the bore. The natural woollen fibres remove all the dirt and residue and polish the bore. Cleaning your gun or rifle now takes seconds!


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