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Anschutz Torque Wrench

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ahg Anschutz Torque Wrench.

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Get the correct torque setting on your action screws every time for your competition shoot with this Anschutz torque wrench.

Anschutz Torque Wrench 4506 (001176)

If you have an interest in the size of your group, you’ll want to determine which torque settings produce the smallest, and then be able to keep them set at that. Also, if one of the screws is loose that hold the action in the stock it will not shoot or perform at it’s best. Use the Anschutz torque wrench on screws or Action Screws will change group size will change as you tighten or loosen those screws.

How to use the Anschutz Torque wrench

The Anschutz torque wrench has a break head design. Dial in the required torque setting with the bottom shaft by turning it clockwise or anticlockwise. Fit the tool to the action screw and turn the screw, when you have the correct amount of torque, the top section will tilt, stop there as any more force would be beyond the setting that you want.

If you don’t have one of these wrenches, get one and start testing your rifle’s performance with different torque settings. At a bare minimum, please make sure they aren’t loose when you go to shoot. Your scores will go up!

Anschutz Torque wrench Features

  • Set the torque wrench from 4 to 12 Newton Meters.
  • Most smallbore guns will use the 4 mm tip screw. High power guns will sometimes require the 5 mm tip.
  • Helps to tighten the stock screws of target rifles in order to grant a constant torque.
  • Adjusting range from 4 Nm to 12 Nm.
  • Comes with 4mm driver bit, for modern Anschutz rifles. Also accepts any standard driver bits.

Anschutz Torque Wrench with a range of 4Nm to 12Nm. It comes with a 4 mm long key as standard. Long key adaptors also available in 5mm and 3/16” sizes.

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