Steyr LP2 Match Air Pistol

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Steyr LP2 – The basis of the STEYR LP2 air pistol range offers all the features of the appreciated, preeminent quality of STEYR: nickel-plated barrels, anodized surfaces and a legendary precision.  The Steyr LP2 is available at Bedford Target Supplies.


Steyr LP2 Match Air Pistol

Call 07850 003 226 for a Steyr LP2 price. This air pistol is for those match shooters who want Steyr legendary precision with excellent grip.

The Steyr LP2 pistol was originally the Steyr trigger and features the same trigger and grip as well as complete kit with a plastic case, tools and filling adaptor.

We can only sell the Steyr LP2 in a face to face transaction.

Steyr LP2 Match Air Pistol features

  • First stage weight and first stage travel, second stage weight and trigger stop infinitely adjustable.
  • Dry fire training shots without any necessary tools.
  • Shots only possible when the bolt is in the full lock position for maximum safety.
  • Infinitely adjustable length of sight from 311mm to 335 mm.
  • Eight different grips and one ambidextrous.
  • Compressed air cylinder with German WIKA quality pressure gauge.

Specifications of the Steyr LP2 Match Air Pistol

  • Single-shot action type pistol for pellets.
  • Compressed air propellant.
  • 4.5 mm or .177 calibre pellets
  • 390 mm long 390 by 148 mm high and 50 mm wide.
  • Weighs 905 g.
  • The length of sight is 311 mm to 335 mm.
  • Moveable blade 4.5 mm front sight.
  • Rear sight 3.5 / 4 mm.
  • The weight of the trigger pull is 500 g.
  • trigger settings are first stage length and weight, second stage weight and trigger stop.
  • The adjustable trigger blade length is 8 mm and rotates 30°.

The Steyr LP2 air pistol is a lower specification than the LP10 but has the same trigger and grip. It also comes complete with a plastic case, tools and filling adaptor.

The Steyr LP2 should now feature the same adjustable rear sight notch as used on the LP10. This gives much more precision and ease of use to all shooters. This is a special upgrade for the UK buyers.

It is available in a silver, blue, black or gold cylinder. Please note that gold cylinders are not available for the compact model.

The grip which can be adjusted in all directions, and comes in a variety of sizes (XS, S, M, L & XL for a right-hand shooter, S, M & L for left-hand shooters).


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