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RWS Superpoint Extra .177 Airgun Pellets in 50, 100, 500

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RWS Superpoint Extra 177 pellets for air rifle, gun and airguns

The rws superpoint extra 177 pellets have been around for many years and are the top choice for hunters and target shooters alike. We sell the Superpoint extra pellets in packs of 50 pellets, 100 pellets or full 500 pellets tins. Please call or email to make a purchase.

Description on the RWS Superpoint extra .177 pellets

The .177 pellets are 4.5 mm and have optimal weight distribution resulting in exceptional accuracy, precision and excellent penetration capabilities at long ranges. As with all RWS pellets, they are made of the highest quality is assured from this precision German maker. The RWS SUPERPOINT EXTRA is a medium-weight, smooth airgun pellet with a conical head shape. As a result, it achieves high penetration power and depth. This makes it a very popular airgun pellet for hunting or pest control. The optimised weight distribution ensures high precision. These pellets are well suited for practice and plinking targeting.

RWS Superpoint extra .177 pellets Specification

  • 4.5 mm and 8.2 gr
  • Field Line
  • 50, 100 or 500 per tin
  • Pointed pellets


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