RWS Superdome .177 Airgun Pellets x100 or x500

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Buy in 100 or 500 pellets. The RWS Superdome pellets 177 0.54 g airgun pellet has the so-called English bulldog shape with a round head. The superdome is designed for special field applications such as field target, leisure sport, plinking and hunting.

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RWS Superdome Pellets 177

The RWS Superdome pellets 177 airgun pellet has the English bulldog shape pellet with a round head. These are genuinely manufactured by the leading quality of airgun pellets. The Superdome is for those shooters who require better accuracy in field applications such as field target as well as the leisure sport, plinking, hunting, small game, target practice and pest control. Its design is perfect for maximizing impact and accuracy with its rounded head and the rifled skirt. The RWS Superdome pellets 177 pellet is very impressive due to best precision and accuracy even at long distance. This airgun pellet is suitable for spring-powered airguns as well as many weapons with compressed air cylinders (air tanks) for hunting. The available in calibre is 4.5 mm and weight 0.45g.

RWS Superdome Pellets 177 x100 or x500 for Airgun, Rifles and pistols

Available in a trial pack bag of 100 pellets or a full pack tin of 500 pellets.

RWS Superdome Pellets 177 Features:

  • The Superdome pellets 177 have a dome shape round tip. The pellet has the typical quality features of RWS airgun pellets coupled with ribs around the skirt.
  • RWS Match carries the worldwide reputation as leading top quality products.
  • Decades of experience in the manufacture of airgun pellets are the basis for the impressive technical advance.
  • Their high quality, consistency and reliability have ensured that numerous top athletes place their confidence in RWS.
  • Achieve top ranking places in international competitions thanks to the unique accuracy of the RWS Match pellet R 10.
  • The product range offers a comprehensive selection of high accuracy pellets for competitions and training as well as numerous varieties for special applications.
  • Ideal for all air gun, air rifle or air pistol.
RWS Superdome Pellets 177 Specifications
  • Caliber: 4.5 mm / .177
  • Pellet weight: 0.45 g
  • Head diameter: 4.50 mm
  • Length: 5.7 mm
  • Single box: 100 pieces (approx) or tin of 500

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