RWS Rifle Match – £140.99

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RWS Rifle Match – competitivley priced practice ammunition.  In stock at our showroom, you really need to give RWS Rifle Match a try to see its performance.  Another qulaity product in the RWS range of Target Shooting Ammunition.
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RWS Rifle Match competition cartridges

The RWS rifle match stands out due to high performance rim-fire cartridges for competition and training. It is easy to recognise by the yellow package. Reliability and precision are the result of the optimised interaction of all the components used. From the bullet, the selected powder to the highly accurate load.

The rifle match is a special cartridge for rifles. It has an optimal development of muzzle velocity and a very good performance with an attractive price. It is mainly used as a training cartridge and as a special competition cartridge for rifles.

The bullets come in a cardboard box with a plastic tray with individual rounds. The cartridge has a wax lubricant for competition or training shooting.

RWS rifle match specification

  • .22 calibre for long rifles
  • Lead bullet
  • Bullet weighs 2.6 g
  • Velocity V0 330 m/s (barrel length 65 cm)
  • Lead round nose bullet type
  • 1082 fps muzzle Velocity
  • Subsonic Standard velocity rating
  • 104 ft. lbs Muzzle Energy

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