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RWS R50 Target Shooting ammunition for highest precision at 50 m.
Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand records smaller quantaties are available.


RWS R50 cartridges for rifles

There is a good reason why RWS r50 cartridges are always the first choice. RWS is the only major manufacturer of rifle cartridges that offers hunting ammunition exclusively from its own production. State-of-the art manufacturing methods ensure excellent dimensional accuracy and a fine surface finish. The extraordinary precision and optimised trajectory of the bullets are impressive.

The RWS r50 is the preferred cartridge of internationally successful sport shooters firing from 50 m and 100 m. RWS r50 rim-fire cartridges have been competition winners for many years, successful at Olympic, International, Championships and Club levels. The high velocities in the supersonic range and excellent precision make the RWS r50 the first choice for silhouette shooting with rifles and pistols.

RWS R50 cartridge specification

  • Price per thousand rounds – smaller quantities available!
  • Ideal for entire small bore rifle shooting, free pistols, and also for all other weapons with calibre .22 lfB
  • .22 l.r. calibre
  • Lead bullet
  • Bullet weight of 2.60 g
  • Bullet velocity V0 – 330 m/s
  • Barrel length 650 mm
  • Round head type
  • Wind sensitivity and speed fluctuations almost completely excluded
  • RWS top quality cartridge with excellent shooting performance
  • Preferred by internationally successful competition shooters
  • High velocity in supersonic range
  • Particularly suitable for shooting at both 50m and 100m
  • High precision for silhouette shooting with rifles and pistols
  • The special cartridge for the biathlon shooting discipline

Use RWS R50 to win

No other sport shooting discipline generates more interest within the media than the biathlon during winter. In combination with physically demanding cross country skiing this sport is gaining in popularity. The shooting stops form the most spectacular appearances of the bi-athletes during the competition. In the midst of their cross country run they stop to fire several shots at a distance of 50 m.

It is hard to imagine how exact the physical and chemical reactions of both ammunition and system of the biathlon rifle must be in order to hit the target accurately. What is said in general terms under the heading of ‘rim-fire cartridges‘ also applies here. However, the demand of bi-athletes for more precise and consistent ammunition is much higher than that of most target shooters. Bi-athletes can never be sure what wind and weather conditions they will encounter but at least they need not worry about the ammunition when using RWS R50. The materials used, the velocity and the arising gas pressure have been fine tuned so that in all weathers an excellent result can be achieved. Even in extreme sub zero temperatures a faultless function is guaranteed and enables outstanding performance.

As official partner of the Swiss National Biathlon Team and numerous German top athletes, RWS ensures that the shooters go into the competition with the best ammunition. Accuracy counts for everything – that’s why we have made a sport of it.


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