Feinwerkbau P58

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The Feinwerkbau P58 is the five-shot air pistol of Feinwerkbau.  Whole range of Feinwerkbau air pistols are available at Bedford Target Supplies.  More details on the Feinwerkbau P58 are available below.


Beside an exclusive design, this air pistol comprises elaborated technique. The trigger shoe of this pistol can be rotated and swivelled. Furthermore it is adjustable in height and length. The anatomically formed three-dimensional walnut-grip enables an individual adaption to the shooters hand. The front side base is prepared to accept different front sights and by the aid of the adjustable notch of rear sight best possible competition-results can be realised.
The Feinwerkbau P58 is delivered with a test magazine for ideal dry-firing. Furthermore the scope of supply includes a one-shot-magazine and a five-shot-magazine. The air pistol is delivered in a special transport case including a compressed-air cylinder with integrated manometer.
The Feinwerkbau P58 can only be sold in a face to face transaction.


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