Feinwerkbau 2700 Alu Rest Blue

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Feinwerkbau 2700 Alu Rest Blue


The successful Feinwerkbau 2700 small bore rifle from Feinwerkbau is also available as a model for shooting on a rest. This model meets even highest demand when shooting on a rest due to the proved precision and the high-quality workmanship in combination with the exclusive stock made of aluminium.
By means of the mounted sight bridge the diopter is extended to the shooter. The butt plate and cheek piece, which are especially designed for shooting on a rest, enable an individual adaption to the anatomy of the shooter. Just like all aluminium models of Feinwerkbau, this rifle is available with an ergonomic grip in sizes S, M or L.
The front stock as well as the suitable high-quality wood are available in the colors silver/black or silver/blue. The model 2700 is also available in a left-handed version with a left-hand system.
The Feinwerkbau 2700 can only be sold in a face to face transaction.


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