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Eley Tenex – Extensive testing and medal winning performances confirm that this unique product consistently delivers greater precision – raising performance standards for all .22 calibre shooters at all levels of competitions, setting the benchmark.  Eley Tenex also available for batch testing.
Sold only by Face to Face transaction, price per thousand rounds.


Eley Tenex Cartridge Ammunition

Eley Tenex cartridge ammunition have a flat nose bullet head that give it an improved optimum performance and stability. The cut case mouth of Tenex ammunition provides controlled length and optimum bullet seating whilst the EleyPrime primer composition gives consistent ignition.

Each cartridge is checked by a suite of analytical processes including computer controlled visual inspections and finely calibrated measuring equipment.

Eley visual inspect of each individual bullet to ensure that consistent standards are maintained. Eley manufacturing lubrication system method guarantee totally consistent chambering and barrel protection.

Extensive testing of production samples in our sophisticated test range measures actual performance to an advanced level of accuracy – setting new standards in performance measurements. Only after it has passed an extensive series of quality checks do Eley approve the cartridge for release with the Tenex name.

Please note that, while you can place an order for ammunition here, you must collect it from us in person.

Eley Tenex Specification

  • Weight 2.6 gr
  • 1085 fps velocity
  • Flat nose Type bullet
  • 25.4 mm cartridge length
  • 2.59 grams bullet weight
  • Muzzle velocity is 331 m/s
  • Velocity 50 m is 303 m/s
  • Velocity 91 m is 285 m/s
  • Muzzle energy is 14.5 Kg.m
  • Energy at 50 m is 12.1 Kg.m
  • Energy at 91 m is 10.7 Kg.m
  • lubricant used is beeswax-tallow

Why Eley Tenex

With over 180 years heritage and experience, engineering excellence is central to the success of ELEY tenex. Our highly skilled engineers combine state of the art machinery with high speed electronic visual inspection systems and Six Sigma methodologies to produce the cartridges that have redefined .22LR accuracy across the world.

The iconic flat nose projectile of ELEY tenex is one of many innovations pioneered by ELEY engineers. As it cuts through the air its revolutionary design pulls the centre of pressure forwards, aerodynamically stabilising the projectile and increasing accuracy at the target.

Precise manufacturing techniques form cartridge cases of uniform length from a tightly controlled brass alloy. This ensures each propellant charge burns in a controlled volume, delivering a consistent energy to each projectile.

Each cartridge is checked by a suite of analytical processes including computer controlled visual inspection and finely calibrated measuring equipment, all overseen by our extremely precise and meticulous engineers.

To achieve ultimate accuracy with ELEY tenex, a shooter should test their barrel. While ELEY tenex will offer unrivalled results as standard, matching the barrel and ammunition at our technical test ranges could make the crucial difference in a competition. Our advanced proprietary software provides a wealth of information on each test result, helping the shooter find the best lot for their barrel. Testing is highly recommended by the top shooters around the world and the results speak for themselves, with 14 out of 18 Olympic medals and every 2014 World Champion winning using selected ELEY tenex.

It is ammunition therefore can only be sold to someone holding a Firearm Certificate and face to face so we are unable to post it to you. Call for more details, stock, velocity & batch numbers.


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