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ELEY edge Ammunition with an innovative improved accuracy for the high level competitive shooters.  Also available to batch test.  Eley Edge is an advanced, contemporary cartridge that is instantly recognisable due to its oxidised matt-black finish.

Only for sale as a face to face transaction.


Eley Edge Ammunition

Eley Edge ammunition has been scientifically developed to increase microscopically the friction between case and projectile. This results in a stabilised projectile, where the release force delivers greater internal ballistic consistency, which ultimately provides the shooter with more consistent projectile flight.

Eley Edge ammunition features

The edge has a patented flat nose bullet profile that has a scientifically developed black oxidized surface treatment. It has a increased bullet release force and a more consistent propellant burn. The Eley edge ammunition is designed for high level competitive shooters and is used in Prone Rifle, 3 Position Rifle, Lightweight Sport Rifle and 50 m pistol. Use the bullets in .22LR Match Rifle and .22LR Free Pistol firearms.

Edge is part of their elite competition range and benefits from all of the ELEY tenex technology such as a flat nose bullet profile. ELEY the makers of tenex have designed a new cutting edge cartridge.

Only for sale as a face to face transaction.

Eley Edge ammunition specifications

  • Flat nose type bullet
  • 25.4 mm cartridge length
  • 2.59 grams bullet weight
  • Muzzle velocity is 331 m/s
  • Velocity at 50 m is 303 m/s
  • Velocity at 91 m is: 285 m/s
  • Muzzle energy of 14.5 Kg.m
  • Energy at  50 m is 12.1 Kg.m
  • Energy at 91 m is 10.7 Kg.m
  • Lubricant used is beeswax-tallow


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