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Eley Batch Testing

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Eley Batch Testing
Nominate us as your dealer for batch testing at Eley’s test range!
Batch testing takes place at ELEY’s specialist Customer Range, based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands UK. The facility allows all shooters from around the world the opportunity to make a selection of a matched batch of Tenex. Testing takes place with either rifle or pistol.

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Batch testing involves shooting strings of 10 rounds through each barrel, which is clamped to a concrete base by a heavy vice. There is a wide selection of rifle clamping equipment to complement most rifle types, to help create realistic results and replicate match conditions as far as possible. After shooting all batches, the second, third and final groups are shot. The final 40 shot group is used to help the shooters select the best match to their barrel.
ELEY’s leading edge patented software allows the results to be analysed in a simple, quick and very accurate method. Shooting onto an optical target system, the shots are measured on a computer system and appear on a monitor display. The image builds up to show the group sizes. The aim with batch testing is to identify the best match to your barrel and achieve consistency, ELEY customer range.
Customer Range features:
* Purpose built with ventilation for fume extraction at both muzzle and breech
* Equipped with two lanes set at 50 metres, plus independent electronic target systems
* Range is set below ground so that all variables are eliminated
* Assured availability of pre-selected batches of ELEY Tenex from the factory production lines
* ELEY’s patented software shows all-in size and 10 shot score for every group. Software makes analysing results simple, fast and very accurate.
* Bench-rests with fixed vices and slave stocks to hold most firearm makes and models
* Shooters lounge with hot/cold drinks available plus a TV/video unit

Benefits of batch testing with ELEY:
* All batches are available to all shooters, whatever their level of competence
* Batches having variable velocities / extreme spreads from all five loading machines
* Easy to use software allowing customers to run their own testing
* Each and every shot monitored including any control ammunition
* A system that allows regular cleaning and the warming of barrels during testing
* Evaluation of firearm for performance / consistency against known parameters
* Measurement of head space and case indentation for the highlighting of any wear
* Copy of groups with patented 40 shot overlay, to make batch selection clear and precise
* Test your own rifle under the guidance of our experienced Customer Range Officer.


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