Bisley Shotgun Cleaning Kit in a Durable Presentation Case

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A top quality Bisley shotgun cleaning kit with durable presentation case. This complete kit will help reduce wear, maintain the guns accuracy and keep your shotgun in tip top condition. Includes three piece rod, phosphor bronze brush, wool mop, nylon jag, yellow duster, Bisley Gun Oil, Bisley Bore Cleaner & patches. This Bisley shotgun cleaning kit is 12 G.

Bisley Shotgun Cleaning Kit With Presentation Box Includes

The Bisley shotgun cleaning kit includes a three piece wooden rods with brass fittings and phosphor bronze brush, that will not scratch the barrel of your gun. Also included is a wool mop and nylon jag for cleaning the barrel or applying oil to the shotgun. Yellow Duster to help remove dirt from the choke.

  • Genuine Bisley product
  • Three piece wooden rods with brass fittings.
  • Phosphor bronze brush.
  • Nylon jag.
  • Wool mop.
  • Yellow cleaning cloth duster.
  • Bisley gun oil.
  • Bisley bore cleaner.
  • 50 Bisley shotgun patches.
  • The Bisley shotgun cleaning kit presentation box is approx 33 cm by 22 cm by 6 cm.

How to use the Bisley Shotgun Cleaning Kit

First remove the barrel of the gun from the stock. Screw together the three wooden rods together and the phosphor brush. Then apply some bisley bore cleaning fluid on the brush ensuring by dripping a small amount on four side of the brush. There should be just enough so that it isn’t dry and not too much that it is dripping off the brush. Bush the wooden rod with the brush first through the chamber end scrubbing backwards and forwards about 1/3 the length of the barrel. It is recommended that you do this 200 times and rotate the rod 4 times in every 50 scrubs. The repeat for the rest of the barrel.

Once you have used finished the brush process remove it and place a jag on the end of the wooden rod. Then take one of the patches and place one end of it through the jag and wind the patch on. Push the rod with the jag first through the bore of the barrel right through the other end once. Check the barrel to make sure that it is clean. If it is not clean you will see black streaks or black spots and you will need to go back and scrub the barrel with the brush. Also if you have a double barrelled shotgun you will need to repeat the process for the second barrel.

Unscrew the choke and clean with the yellow cleaning cloth and some gun cleaner. Then using the rod with the jag and patch clean the end of the barrel in a screwing motion until the rod reaches the step. Once complete push the rod right through the barrel of the gun with a dry clean patch. Before screwing the choke back in to the barrel of your gun attach the wool mop to the rod and mop the inside of the barrel where the chock fits and rub some gun oil around the thread and tube of the choke.

Clean around the ejectors before putting the stock and barrel back together.

This is the ultimate take along and general maintenance Bisley shotgun cleaning kit and is to a high quality as expected by Bisley.


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