Anschutz Jacket

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Anschutz Jacket


This Anschutz jacket comes in standard chest sizes.
It’s made in heavy-gauge canvas with non-slip material on the outside of the elbows and the shoulder. A soft stretchy material is used inside the elbows and under the armpits, for comfort.
A softer material is also used on the inside of the arms and around the back of the neck, once again for comfort. There is a sling-retaining loop at the top of the arm, and a pair of straps on the shoulder to take up the loose material in the prone position. The plastic buttons screw together and are therefore moveable, to allow for small variations in size.
If you are unsure of which chest size to choose then measure your chest normally and then with your arms raised above your head and your elbows together. You will find your chest will be smaller in the shooting position. So go for a size smaller than normal if in doubt.
It is not necessary to do up the buttons on your jacket in the prone position. The jacket will be very stiff and tight when new but gradually with use it will mould itself to your body and become more comfortable.
It is also available in left hand (to special order) for the same price.

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Weight 499 kg
Dimensions 499 × 499 × 499 cm

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