Anschutz 8002 Benchrest Start

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8002 S2 Compressed Air BENCHREST START


The 8002 S2 benchrest bargain version with a walnut stock. With this model ANSCHÃœTZ offers all starters in benchrest shooting a top quality product at an extraordinarily favourable price.
The 8002 S2 BENCHREST START is equipped with a right/left walnut benchrest stock with a non-slip pistol grip and an extended benchrest cheek piece as well as a non-slip rubber butt plate. It is possible to adjust the butt plate in length by spacers. The backend is prepared to take the butt plate carrier with tiltable columns. With the help of this accessory it is possible to attach the ANSCHÃœTZ aluminium benchrest butt plate. The cocking lever is on the left side but it is also possible to install it on the right side. The model 8002 S2 BENCHREST START will be delivered including the sight set 6834 and a sighting line extension.
Delivered with:
Sight set 6834, Accessory box with filling adapter, air release screw, sighting line extension, special grease 4425, allan key (5 pieces), safety discs, o-rings, barrel weight and manual with original test target.
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