Anschutz 8001 Junior Air Rifle – Coloured Stock

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The Anschutz 8001 Compressed Air Junior (incl. sight set 6834)


The Anschutz models 9003 Premium and 8002 are very successful on the air rifle market. Many national and international top results could be reached with Anschutz air rifles.
The Anschutz model 8001 Junior replaces the current models 8001 and 8002 Club. The 8002 barrel housing with trigger and complete cocking piston unit was incorporated into the new model 8001 Junior. This model is interesting for beginners who are looking for a high-quality but low cost air rifle version.
In order to allow an individual adaptation to the trigger the black trigger blade of trigger 5065 B is variably adjustable. The rifle is delivered with a long aluminum compressed air cylinder in silver (shooting capacity approx. 300 shots) and including the sight set 6834.
As this beginner model is based on a modular principle it is possible for the advanced shooter to attach most of the other components of the Anschutz accessory range apart from the stabilizer.
The Anschutz 8001 can only be sold in a face to face transaction.


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