Air Pistols

We are a registered Firearms dealer of air pistols and air pistols including smallbore pistols.

We offer the best in air pistols for the professional field hunting and field shooting competitors. With air pistols from Steyr, Walther, Feinwerkbau and Morini, you are sure to have the most accurate air pistol for any application.

Firearms or restricted items can only be sold face to face and not through the Bedford Target Supplies website, although delivery of these items can be arranged. You must also be over 18 to buy Air Pistols. You can shoot an pistol on private land with consent of the landowner without adult supervision from age 14. You don’t need a licence to own or operate an air pistol here in the UK, but you will need to follow specific rules on storage and use. Check out the site for advice and guidance.

These top manufactured pistols can be deliver direct to your door throughout most parts of the UK. We may sell through a 3rd party firearms dealer, but they will charge a handling fee but this will be discussed when a member of staff calls you to confirm your order & collection.

Air Pistols that we offer can be used from beginners to the most seasoned professionals who require the most accurate guns on the market. Whatever your needs and preferences are, we really do have something for everyone. Whether you intend to use air guns for hunting game or target shooting we have the most accurate weapons that have been perfectly designed to do both.

To find out more about any of the products offered, simply call us on 07850 003 226 or email us at today. You won’t find a better seller of accurate air pistols, parts and accessories than us we are the first choice for most UK professionals and enthusiasts.

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