Designing tomorrow’s generation of Sporting Rifle for today’s customer.

Razorback is a stylish Bullpup rifle design which has as its core an ethos of functionality, having a unique assembly configuration and an advanced material choice in its construction. Making the decision to embed an array of the best technological ideas and highest quality materials into a new sporting rifle was easy. We already love our chosen sport in which we participate almost weekly. With that in mind, we developed the Razorback, a new type of Bullpup; a sleek sporting rifle with user friendly function controls and the choicest technological ideas built in as standard.


The ergonomics were guided by the knowledge that everyone is an individual and as such should be equally able to handle the rifle safely and with ease regardless of their age or ability, stature, physique or gender; given the projects depth of development we can be confident the Razorback will perform with distinction and be underscored with the goal of enhancing the users’ aptitude in order to achieve that perfect score, consistently. We look forward to the time of you owning your own Razorback!

British Design

British designed and engineered with a proven German barrel and bolt. With our marriage of modern technology and bold aesthetics the Razorback’s prototype rifle punches well above its weight with reliability, performance, and how it feels in the hand. Even when using subsonic ammunition, the bolt cycles efficiently but with lighter ‘felt’ recoil, resulting in a consistent grouping pattern and size. Coupled to the optimum positioning of its function controls this adds up to a more overall satisfying shooting experience. The Razorback rifle’s guide rod system also provides more support to the bolt and less contact with the internal surface of the receiver: giving it a slick, low friction operation, exactly how you want it.

Bullpup Benefits

The most obvious is the compact nature of the whole rifle. Despite the overall length being more than 25% less than that of a conventional rifle the Razorback Bullpup still possesses a full-length barrel, so accuracy is never compromised.

Razorback’s Unique Features:

  1.  Two piece lightweight, injection moulded clamshell style stock.                                   

  2.  Easy disassembly of trigger group and bolt from stock for cleaning.                                                    

  3.  Split trigger linkage system.                                                                                                        

  4.  Fully floating barrel.                                                                                                                        

  5.  Large oblique mounted cocking handle.                                                                                

  6.  Optimum balance sling mounting points.                                                                                            

  7.  Integral Picatinny rail for optical mounts/laser sighting equipment.

A fresh approach to an existing concept

Every shooter knows that quality manufactured rifles traditionally offer the best in terms of handling, reliability and consistency of results. Poorly designed or made rifles quickly show their defects regardless of being used in even the best conditions, resulting in a loss of confidence for the purchaser. Building in quality as a standard option will give you both peace of mind and promote enthusiasm for our product.

The Razorback rifle is a “unique, from the ground up” purpose designed sporting rifle, created with the customer’s needs in mind and aimed at delivering exactly what is required by you for all your field or range requirements. What you get is an innovative, precision engineered sporting arm of uncompromising quality, with all the benefits and features of a conventional rifle, condensed into half the volume.


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