RWS R50 Target Shooting ammunition for highest precision at 50 m.

Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand records smaller quantaties are available.

More details


* The cartridge of choice for numerous Olympic Champions.

* Produced under special conditions.

* Series by series with perfectly matched components.

* Wind sensitivity and speed fluctuations almost completely excluded.

* Ideal for entire small bore rifle shooting, free pistols, and also for all other weapons with calibre .22 lfB.

* Shooting pattern "hole in hole".

* Calibre: .22 long rifle.

* Lead bullet, 2.6 g, V0 330 m/s (barrel length: 65 cm)

Price per thousand rounds - smaller quantaties available!

It is ammunition therefore can only be sold to someone holding a Firearm Certificate and face to face so we are unable to post it to you. Call for more details, stock, velocity & batch numbers.


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