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  • 1351

    ELEY club target shooting ammunition is designed to offer enhanced performance over what is described as the entry level ELEY product called Sport.  Each batch is tested to accuracy standards to meet the demanding requirements of the Club shooter. Held in stock at our showroom Eley Club is only for sale as a face to face transaction, price per thousand...

  • 1354

    ELEY edge Target Shooting Ammunition is the new offering from Eley breaks boundaries with an innovative approach to improving accuracy.  Also available to batch test.  Eley Edge is an advanced, contemporary cartridge that is instantly recognisable due to its oxidised matt-black finish.  Available from stock from our Luton showroom.

  • 1352

    ELEY match is renowned amongst the elite competition shooters due to its accuracy and performance. Eley Match is held in stock at our Luton showroom. ELEY match is second in the world of .22LR accuracy and performance with ELEY tenex being the world number one.

  • 1353

    Eley Sport is a very affordable, good quality general purpose cartridge. In stock at our Bedfordshire showroom ELEY Sport is a good value entry level round. Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand rounds - smaller quantatites are available.

  • 1355

    Eley Tenex - Extensive testing and medal winning performances confirm that this unique product consistently delivers greater precision – raising performance standards for all .22 calibre shooters at all levels of competitions, setting the benchmark.  Eley Tenex also available for batch testing. Sold only by Face to Face transaction, price per thousand...

  • 1545

    RWS R50 Target Shooting ammunition for highest precision at 50 m. Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand records smaller quantaties are available.

  • 1557

    RWS R100 fantastic at 50 or 100 meters.  RWS R100 has been developed over many years to bring you a top performing cartridge. Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand rounds.  In stock at our Luton Showroom!

  • 1559

    RWS Special Match - great price, great ammunition from RWS its the Special Match. Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand rounds.  In stock at our Luton showroom come and get some today.

  • 1558

    RWS Rifle Match - competitivley priced practice ammunition.  In stock at our showroom, you really need to give RWS Rifle Match a try to see its performance.  Another qulaity product in the RWS range of Target Shooting Ammunition. Face to Face transaction only, price per thousand records.

  • 1538

    Eley Ammunition Podium.

  • 1915

    869 Gehmann cartridge tray 

  • EF2

    ELEY force is a high-velocity, semi-automatic .22LR round designed for power brought to you by Eley. Eley Force features a new propellant utilising a distributed pressure curve that accelerates the bullet to a supersonic velocity, providing maximum knock-down force.  Cost is per thousand rounds. In stock now!!

  • EC3

    Eley Contact - in stock at our Luton showroom.  ELEY contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed to deliver extreme accuracy and improved knock-down perfomance with a softer sound and minimal recoil.  The reduced recoil delivers quicker sight picture recovery important for the competitive semi-automatic shooter.  Cost is per thousand rounds.

  • LCX

    Lapua Center-X - Lapua manufactures rimfire cartridges with utmost care and precision. Each cartridge is checked individually and all lots are thoroughly tested on ballistic values, gas pressure and grouping. The products are released for distribution only if all test results are within strict tolerance levels. Price per thousand rounds.


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