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Pellet Shaker Box for 177 caliber pellets


Pellet Shaker Box

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AHG Anschutz pellet shaker sorter storage box for .177 pellets

A .177 pellet shaker sorter storage box is the perfect way for holding 100 match pellets in rows, to transport and store your selected pellets without the risk of damage. This pellet box has been used as by target air gun and air rifle shooters a while now. It is a refillable box for safe transport of 100 4.5 mm calibre diablos, keeps them well protected for selection during competitions and training.

Pellet shaker sorter storage box specifications

  • Capacity holds 100 .177 pellets (4.5 mm) Diablo
  • Hard Plastic Pellet Box
  • 105 mm square box

How to use the pellet shaker sorter storage box

Fill directly from a tin of 500 pellets into the lower tray of the pellet shaker sorter storage box, press down on the side tabs, latch it and then tray shaken gently backwards and forwards. The pellets drop nose down into 100 individual holes (the holes are in ten rows of ten). Any extra pellets in the box are shaken back into their tin and can be poured off via the opening in the front left corner. The lower tray latch is can then be released and all pellets pop up in lines ready for use. Pushing the two lugs inwards releases the lower tray and lifts the pellets so they can be picked up. A foam lined lid protects pellets once the box is closed keeping your pellets in place during transport or storage.

This a nice box for the range and will keep the pellets in place all the time for any novice or experienced shooter. The pellet shaker sorter storage box is a great way for keeping track of your shots and makes it very easy to choose which pellet to fire. It is nice and quiet to carry around on the range with a piece of sponge in the lid. The box is made from tough plastic so will last a long time.


Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 10 x 20 x 30 cm


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